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Are you in Northern New Jersey and worried about where to host your bachelorette party? 5 Borough Limo Service & Party Bus Rental has got your back! We make the most important days of your life memorable with a luxurious fleet of limos and party buses that you can access at any time and place.

Don’t let the ‘5 Borough’ name fool you, we have limos and party buses all over Northern New Jersey. 

Every time you think of googling ‘Party bus rental near me, just call 5 Borough Limo Service & Party Bus Rental and book one of our ultra-modern party buses for your event. Our party buses host popular events like prom parties, homecoming, wedding parties, clubbing, corporate events, or even a simple night with friends as you watch your favorite team play.

If your event has 20-50 guests, our party buses will be the ideal venue. Party bus rentals in Jersey are frequent because of a high population of people who just want to have fun and live to the fullest. We often receive requests from the New Jersey City University students to host their end-of-semester parties on our ‘VIP club on wheels’. Every time we host a party for a group in Jersey, our party bus Jersey City ratings go high because of the experience we deliver.

Our drivers are well acquainted with the city and can maneuver through the West Side, Central, and Danforth. Their friendly and exceptional attitude makes you feel comfortable riding in our party buses. Besides giving you the best party bus rental cost, we also accompany that with excellent customer service because we value your business.

Some of the services you will enjoy onboard our party buses include multiple screens, powerful audio systems, disco floors, stripper poles, colorful laser lights, a DJ booth, bar stations, and a satellite TV. 5 Borough Limo Service & Party Bus Rental is one of the Jersey city party bus rentals with competitive prices and flexible terms. We make your experience as unique and to your liking as possible.

For that epic party of the year, how about you hire our limo party bus which comes with a well-trained driver and all your requirements. 5 Borough Limo Service & Party Bus Rental always goes with the client’s choice. If you say you want to party next to the Statue of Liberty National Monument or near the Jersey City Museum, we will give you precisely what you want. The party buses are soundproof to contain the noise and give you a party of a lifetime without disturbing anyone else.

Having a driver who knows Interstate 78 and other highways in Jersey pretty well will give you the ultimate party on wheels. Book your party bus Jersey City experience today and create memories that will never rub off. Request for a free quote today and start saving for your next epic party. We will always give you value for money. 

​If you are searching for the most in-demand party bus rental in any location in New York, then you have come to the right place. We also offer in other nearby locations such as Queens Limo Service and Party Bus RentalsBrooklyn Limo Service & Party Bus Rentals and The Bronx Limo Services so you might wanna check it out. 

Our communication channels are always open and ready with the correct answers to your questions. We also have different packages to fit your budget. Once you go the 5 Borough Limo Service & Party Bus Rental way, you will never go any other way.



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Jersey City is the second-most populous city in the U.S. state of New Jersey, after Newark. It is the county seat of Hudson County as well as the county’s largest city. The 2020 United States census showed that the city’s population was 292,449, ranking as the 71st-most-populous incorporated place in the nation. The 2020 census represents an increase of 18.1% from the 2010 United States Census, when the city’s population stood at 247,597.


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