Hollis, Queens is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of the New York City borough of Queens. Hollis is bordered on the south by Hillside Avenue, on the west by 188th Street, on the north by Braddock Avenue, and on the east by Francis Lewis Boulevard. The area is part of Queens Community Board 12. The ZIP code for Hollis is 11423.

It is largely residential and is home to a number of public and private schools. The neighborhood is also home to the Hollis Public Library, which is part of the Queens Public Library system. Hollis, Queens is a neighborhood located in the southeastern portion of the borough. The area was originally settled by Dutch farmers in the 1630s and was later taken over by the English in the 1660s. The neighborhood was named after Thomas Hollis, who owned a large amount of land in the area during the 18th century.

Hollis remained a mostly rural area until the early 20th century when it began to see more development. The construction of the Queens Boulevard subway line in 1915 brought more people to the neighborhood, and Hollis soon became home to a large number of businesses and factories.

Today, Hollis is a vibrant and diverse community. It is home to a variety of businesses and cultural institutions, and its residents come from all walks of life. Hollis is a proud community with a rich history, and its residents are committed to preserving and celebrating its unique character.

As of the 2010 census, the population of Hollis, Queens, New York was 20,269. The Hollis area is located in the southeastern part of the borough and is home to a diverse population. The racial makeup of Hollis is 58.5% African American, 28.4% White, 5.4% Hispanic or Latino, and 2.6% Asian. The median income for a household in Hollis is $75,323. The Hollis community is proud of its diversity and is committed to providing all residents with access to quality education, housing, and healthcare.

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